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CTO Care Support Plans are available to ensure your business critical phone system remains fully operational and secure.

We provide two levels of support coverage which are available in monthly and annual plans.

CTO Care Essentials

CTO Care Comprehensive

Telephone and Online Support: Open, Update, and Track Support Tickets via Email

  • All maintenance necessary to keep the phone system in operational order.
  • Remotely provide basic Moves, Adds & Changes.
  • Assess the security of systems on regular basis and report irregularities
  • Troubleshooting and consultation on phone lines, stations and routing.
  • Training class for 2 Administrators every 12 months.
  • Check systems for OS, patches and Hot fixes that need to be applied.
All support will be provided remotely via computer/phone.
Service provided during regular business hours M-­‐F 9am-­‐5pm
Telephone and Online Support: Email and Dedicated Customer Web Portal

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consultation
  • Complex Configuration and Routing Changes implemented as requested.
  • Out of hours support will be provided as available at no additional cost
  • Two user classes for up to 12 people are provided each year to familiarize new users.
  • Labor warranty on all hardware is extended for the life of the support plan.
  • Fulltime system monitoring, automatic updating and regular DB backup.
On-­‐site support visits  as needed.
Includes all services in Essentials plan.


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