VoIP’s Features: Top 6 Ways You Might Be Missing The Benefits

Business Team Getting BusyMany businesses have moved to VoIP telephony systems because of the cost savings. But it’s not just the bottom line that’s an advantage – it’s the features, too. In fact, VoIP features cover such a vast array of options that most folks don’t even know what’s possible. Whether you choose a premise based telephony system, or a hosted cloud (internet-based) system, your business will benefit from capabilities that did not exist with traditional systems.

Here are a few key features available with today’s VoIP PBX systems:

1) Click to Dial. You might have seen this happen on your computer with Skype: You hover over a phone number, and voila! An option pops up which offers you to call the number directly via Skype. That’s what “click to dial” means – a highlighted telephone number on your PC screen, with an icon to click (or a specific key to press), which automatically dials the number via your VoIP desk phone. This saves time and ensures no wrong numbers.

2) Find Me, Follow Me. Worried you’ll miss that VIP call, be it the CEO of your largest client, or your mother? With the Find Me, Follow Me feature, you won’t miss these calls because you can configure specific incoming phone numbers to be routed to any phone number (or even to a group of phone numbers) at any time.

3) Call Screening. No, this isn’t just good old Caller ID. Call Screening is voice-activated: Callers announce their names, and when you pick up, you are given the option to take the call, or send it to voicemail, all unbeknownst to the caller. Perfect when calls are sent to your mobile.

4) Conference Bridge. Want to schedule a conference call? With Conference Bridge, you can send meeting invitations with the call-in number and password for participants to join in. This means team meetings are made easy.

5) Call History. You’ll have a record of calls placed, received, or missed, and you can easily return or redial calls from the call log with just a click. Call logs can also be entered for your known contacts in Outlook, or CRM systems.

6) Call Analytics. Manage your staff, customer service, and marketing campaigns better by using the data from your Call History. You can see call trends by time of day, duration of calls, caller location, call count, and other parameters – all with an eye on improving your business.

Sometimes the seemingly endless list of features can be overwhelming. But no worries – no business, nor individual, needs them all. Just be sure your telecom consultant is knowledgeable in your industry and takes the time to understand your specific work processes. This way,  they can recommend the right features for you.  Contact CTO Telecom for more info.

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